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At A Glance

Customers want Brands to believe in something. As an Ally of Remove the Space, Sonic will become part of a shared promotional investment that improves your community and brings traffic to your business at 1/3rd your typical acquisition cost through a mission-fueled, global grassroots relationship movement.

Remove The Space harnesses the power of People and the power of Businesses to move the world forward.

The Whataburger brand will reach new customers and create brand advocates through:

  • Personal  interaction, connecting on a deeper level than standard advertising
  • Affiliation with a cause they care about
  • Efficient digital media promoting your brand
    • Social Media
    • Search & Web
    • PR/Local Media Outreach
    • E-mail and Creative Services
    • Exposure with other Allied Businesses
Through events and activities throughout year by individuals, businesses, and community advocates, your business will become key in the lives of locals while also achieving key business goals.

How it works

Become A Remove The Space Ally

Remove the Space will create a a custom event with you that will bring the Rowlett community together headlining Whataburger as our valued Ally. The event will feature your food, along with live music and other fun activities for the whole family.

Typically $8,000 ad spend per month per community, reaching over 100,000 people in the trade area multiple times per month to promote all Ally events. This amount is shared evenly among the Allies. Whataburger’s share is 4.6% or $375, plus your food, staff for event. 100% goes to promotion - not a profit center.

Promotion includes support on popular social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Next Door and more as well as Google search.

Here is an example of how Whataburger would be featured as a Remove the Space Ally at a custom event.


Your brand will be promoted as an Ally with Remove The Space during the week leading up to your featured event, reaching (at a minimum) 100,000 people in surrounding areas through paid promotion Facebook, Instagram and Nextdoor.

You will be featured on a dedicated webpage previewing upcoming Remove The Space events, which will be supported by Paid Search Engine Marketing to drive traffic for people looking for things to do in the area.

Your brand will be mentioned in press releases distributed to local media promoting upcoming Remove The Space events.

You will be included in Remove The Space email blasts to all of our subscribers. Want to promote your event to your distribution list? We can develop and provide creative assets for you.

Participating businesses will promote upcoming Remove The Space events with their customers through fliers, email and other points of communication.

  • 38% Faster Way to Grow Sales
  • 66% Less to Acquire New Customer
  • 100% Power Rank Ahead of Competition




This location is the center of the community that will be available for all outdoor events. The space is donated by REV Car Wash as part of the Remove the Space ally network.


Parties are heavily promoted throughout all social channels, Remove the Space Network, email campaigns, local art, entertainment weekly print and on line publications.



As the “Title Community Ally” in addition to all the categories below your company name and/or logo will become synonymous with Remove the Space for the Rowlett community, with all marketing and promotions.

Additional Entitlements Include:

  • Exhibit and/or display space as needed
  • Prominent exposure and link from the official Remove the Space
    community web site page
  • Continuous on-stage acknowledgement and signage opportunities
    and display boards
  • VIP seating and hospitality opportunities

A combination of both cash & in-kind support to total $25,000 for 12 months

Presenting Ally opportunities are limited to (4) non-competitive companies promoted within the community as a “Presenting Community Sponsor”. Entitlements Include:

  • Name and Logo inclusion on all print, radio & online promotions
  • Exhibit space
  • Link from community web site
  • Premium signage
  • On-Stage acknowledgement
  • Official product and/or service
  • VIP seating and hospitality opportunities

A combination of both cash & in-kind support to total $12,500 for 12 months

As a “Major Community Ally” your company name will be recognized as a major overall sponsor of Remove the Space and/or a specific activity area. Entitlements include:

  • Name and Logo inclusion on all print and online promotions
  • Link from community web site
  • On-stage acknowledgement
  • Signage on-site
  • VIP seating and hospitality opportunities
  • Exhibit space

A combination of both cash & in-kind support to total $6,250 for 12 month period

As an “Activity Community Ally” your company name will be associated with a specific event, area or entertainer within the Remove the Space for specific communities. Entitlements include:

  • Name and Logo inclusion on all printed and online promotions for 90
  • Link from community web site for 90 days
  • On-stage acknowledgement
  • Signage in activity area
  • VIP seating and hospitality opportunities
  • Exhibit space

Investment: Dependent upon the scope of the activity. Investment range from $650 to $6,500, which may include in-kind support


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